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Seattle millennials

Sign of the Times: Seattle Millennials Change Homes More than Any Other Area in the U.S.

Despite the anxiety that may come along with frequent moves, Seattle millennials seem to be bearing the stress in search of greener pastures.  Relocation and finding a new home are rated as the most stressful scenario anyone can go through, according to a recent poll of 2000 adults that found that two in three individuals rate […]

Tenants are plentiful during rental season

Welcome to Rental Season

What is rental season? For anyone who works in the housing industry, we know that peak rental season comes every April through September. This is the time when renters, home owners and aspiring home owners decide to make the transition to their next home. It’s estimated that 80% of moves occur during this peak season, […]

Tax Deductions for your Investment Property

Tax Deductions for your Investment Property

It’s tax time! Don’t miss out on these important potential deductions for investment properties. In addition to the income you receive from your investment property and the capital appreciation of your investment, your property(ies) can also provide you sizable income tax deductions. In fact, rental properties offer more and larger deductions than most other investments. […]

First Come, First Served

New “First Come, First Served” Law Sparks More Rights for Renters

In August, the Seattle City Council approved a “first come, first served” policy requiring landlords in the city to rent to applicants on a first come, first served basis, provided the applicants meet the minimum screening criteria set by the landlord.  This law breaks new ground, as officials are unaware of any other U.S. city […]

Increase Rental Revenue

Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Increase Revenue from your Rental Property

You have a rental property, or maybe a few. For the most part, your costs are what they are – fixed, so wouldn’t it be great if there were some simple, cheap things that you could do to easily increase your monthly revenue? By investing a small amount up front you can increase the monthly […]

The Importance of Winterizing Your Rental Property

The Importance of Winterizing Your Rental Property

It is November, which means winter is on its way. When winter arrives, the last thing you want is to discover that your rental property was inadequately prepared for the season’s frigid temperatures. Improperly winterizing a home can drain your pockets through inefficient energy usage, can decrease the comfort of anyone living in the property, […]

U-District Revitalization: What We Know So Far

U-District Revitalization: What We Know So Far

On September 12, 2016, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray unveiled his growth plan for the revitalization of the University District. The plan included major zoning changes, including an allowance for 7 story buildings as high as 320 feet in some areas and 240 feet in others. The plan directs growth near the University of Washington Campus […]

Seattle area rental prices are rising

Seattle Area Rental Prices are Rising – More Than Just a Tech Boom

It’s a hot topic – the expansion of tech giants like Amazon in the Seattle area pushing employment to in this information sector to an all time high. We’ve all heard that these new jobs have attracted new, affluent residents. And that those affluent residents are driving up Seattle area rental prices. However a recent […]

single family homes are a great investment

Investors are Buying More Single Family Homes – Why?

House prices in Seattle are still on the rise and bargains are hard to find however investors continue to bolster their portfolios with strategic purchases of single family homes. Generally real estate investment is a longer term strategy to build a steady return over time. Seattle’s market is currently being driven by true demand for […]

Seattle Rental Prices Continue Solid Growth

Seattle Rental Prices Continue Solid Growth

While home rental price growth has cooled off at the start of the year, the past five months have seen a 4.2% increase in rents throughout the Seattle area. The Seattle rental prices have been experiencing some of the largest jumps in the Nation. The figures for May show a rise in rent by 11%. […]

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