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Tenants are plentiful during rental season

Welcome to Rental Season

What is rental season? For anyone who works in the housing industry, we know that peak rental season comes every April through September. This is the time when renters, home owners and aspiring home owners decide to make the transition to their next home. It’s estimated that 80% of moves occur during this peak season, […]

Tax Deductions for your Investment Property

Tax Deductions for your Investment Property

It’s tax time! Don’t miss out on these important potential deductions for investment properties. In addition to the income you receive from your investment property and the capital appreciation of your investment, your property(ies) can also provide you sizable income tax deductions. In fact, rental properties offer more and larger deductions than most other investments. […]

Increase Rental Revenue

Easy (and Cheap!) Ways to Increase Revenue from your Rental Property

You have a rental property, or maybe a few. For the most part, your costs are what they are – fixed, so wouldn’t it be great if there were some simple, cheap things that you could do to easily increase your monthly revenue? By investing a small amount up front you can increase the monthly […]

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