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Seattle millennials

Sign of the Times: Seattle Millennials Change Homes More than Any Other Area in the U.S.

Despite the anxiety that may come along with frequent moves, Seattle millennials seem to be bearing the stress in search of greener pastures.  Relocation and finding a new home are rated as the most stressful scenario anyone can go through, according to a recent poll of 2000 adults that found that two in three individuals rate […]

Seattle area rental prices are rising

Seattle Area Rental Prices are Rising – More Than Just a Tech Boom

It’s a hot topic – the expansion of tech giants like Amazon in the Seattle area pushing employment to in this information sector to an all time high. We’ve all heard that these new jobs have attracted new, affluent residents. And that those affluent residents are driving up Seattle area rental prices. However a recent […]

single family homes are a great investment

Investors are Buying More Single Family Homes – Why?

House prices in Seattle are still on the rise and bargains are hard to find however investors continue to bolster their portfolios with strategic purchases of single family homes. Generally real estate investment is a longer term strategy to build a steady return over time. Seattle’s market is currently being driven by true demand for […]

Seattle Rental Prices Continue Solid Growth

Seattle Rental Prices Continue Solid Growth

While home rental price growth has cooled off at the start of the year, the past five months have seen a 4.2% increase in rents throughout the Seattle area. The Seattle rental prices have been experiencing some of the largest jumps in the Nation. The figures for May show a rise in rent by 11%. […]

rent increases slowing in rental market

Rent Increases Slowing Nationally, Still Strong Locally

Last year brought about nation-wide rent increases. Nationally, rents have changed negligibly in the past 6 months. Other major cities have seen rent increases slowing, or even falling rental costs. The Seattle rental market has seen many new rental units come online, but they’re renting quickly and average rent is still growing! Read more about […]

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