Client Vacancy COVID-19 Letter

Dear Valued Client,

As you may be aware, Seattle has unfortunately become a “hot spot” in the nation for the COVID-19 virus. The repercussions have affected nearly every area of our city. All non-essential businesses have been closed, schools shut down, and even our beloved Space Needle is out of commission for the time being. We are not “closing.” However, we are all working remotely due to CDC recommendations.

Showing homes will be transforming, as we operate under current “social distancing” guidelines:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will you be holding open houses?

No, as we can’t ensure the safety of our staff or prospective tenants.

Will you be doing one-on-on tours?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. We’ll arrive early, open the door and allow them to view and lock-up once they’ve left. In other cases, we’ll FaceTime with the prospective tenants or use a smart lockbox.

Can tenants take a virtual tour?

Yes. We’re currently implementing new software that should be completed shortly, allowing tenants to view the full interior of your home without having to leave theirs.

What other steps are you taking to ensure my property gets leased?

We’re going to begin using “smart” lockboxes. These allow tenants to preform self-guided tours, much like MLS boxes for realtors. Many management companies have used these for years, we’ve only recently adopted to increase our foot traffic at vacant properties.

We’ll be sending out an addendum to our clients with current or upcoming vacancies with further details on the smart lockbox system.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. We hope you’re well and staying safe.

Kind regards, SPM TEAM