We at Seattle’s Property Management, have added a new way to show your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although, we will still be handing one-on-one showings (on a case-by- case basis) this allows prospects to take a self-guided tour of your home.

This technology has been around since 2011 and widely implemented in the residential property management industry. We’ve only held off, as our preference is personal tours. However, during this unprecedented time we need to adapt to the current climate. The smart lockbox allows us to do this.

There will never be any cost or charge to our clients for utilizing the smart lockboxes.

This is a secure lockbox system, which requires the viewing tenant to have a good and valid credit card along with their name and phone number. Your home is safeguarded when a valid credit card is required before the visitor is issued a ""Limited one-time code"" to enter.

Any time a code is issued, we are instantly notified on our mobile phones and email.

Property owner agrees to use of above system, which can be cancelled at any time by owner with a 5-Day written notice by email or snail mail to Seattle’s Property Management C/O Kristine Marcum